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Klickitat Historical Museum meeting
April 8, 2018
In attendance- Mike and Karen Schlangen, Allie Spino, Laura Bales
Carl Coolige, Lori Fakesch, and Linda Ingebo

Preparing for the 2018 summer season, The museum has decided to open on Sundays from
Labor Day weekend -Memorial Day weekend-10am - 3pm

We are working a grant to have a military Veterans memorial included in our displays
Laura Bales has submitted an application to help us get started.
We have a couple of veterans supporting this effort. Ben Winters and "Obie" Mel. Wyatt.--Thanks guys

We have recently joined the Mt.Adams Chamber of Commerce, and will be included in their publications and promotions

We are also part of a new group called "Museums of the Gorge"
Representing the local museums to help support and promote the History throughout the Columbia River Gorge all the way to Camas.
We have met several times including Cascade Locks, WAAM museum in Hood River and on
April 23. we will be meeting at MaryHill museum.

As always, e are looking for volunteers and new members. Help is needed to cover manning the museum
during the summer, so it isn't left up to just couple of people.
We have a new design for the brochure and are working on buttons and postcard designs.
Our next meeting will be May 3rd at 5pm. Everyone is welcome...

We have lost another valued member of our staff. Hazel Morehead. At 98 she was a fun and
inspiring person, involved in every meeting and event we had. RIP Hazel…

May 7, 2017

Members present: Mike and Karen Schlangen, Bob and Karen Gibbs, Linda and Hazel Morehead,Pam Hylton, Jim and Cindy Potts, (NaNook) and Henry Balsiger..

Discussion: 1. Cataloging, dating, crediting and identifying items and artifacts in possession of the museum. Ownership, on loan, and donated items need to be on file and numbered. (Henry helped us with this)
2. Promoting and advertising ideas. Facebook, webpage, signage and themed events at the museum. We have joined the new group called “Museums in the Gorge”, where we meet several times a year to talk about and promote each others museums. All the local museums are involved from Maryhill through the Gorge into Gresham…
3. General discussion; Group areas of volunteering. Always record volunteer time Digitize, scanning of pictures and photos. Signage, advertisement etc. Picture organization. Display case repairs and organize. General cleaning and upkeep- Museum, restrooms, hall, and flower bed weeding in front and side of building.
4. Outside display area and Caboose was also discussed and will should be addressed in next meeting.
5.Opening dates and volunteer availability for the summer was discussed and everyone was asked to check their calendars for maybe a weekend Sat or Sun, they could open and attend the museum. We should get a calendar set up so we can advertise with the other local museums and events in the Gorge.
Upcoming meeting and events: A. The museum is planning on it’s first open date on May 18th, in conjunction with the first senior lunch event. B. We will be doing a couple of workdays before hand, and this Thursday, May 11, at 4pm will be the first one. We will be doing a general cleaning and assigning volunteers to their specific areas of interest and organizing skills! Anyone who can come is more than welcome. We will schedule the next workday at this time. C. We are gathering items for a fund raising yard sale that we have tentatively scheduled for Sat. June 3rd - 8am-4pm. Any items or volunteers will be welcome also.
The Klickitat Historical Museum is a non profit, volunteer ran group and we appreciate any and all time that is dedicated by our members and community… Thanks everyone…

Anyone interested in helping or being a part of our history
Contact any board member

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